Rodent Control


Keep rodents from moving into your home!

Welcome to Sunny & Son’s Rodent Control! Rodents spread Salmonella, Hantavirus, Rat Bite Fever, disease causing germs, ticks, fleas & lice. Rodents OFTEN chew through the structure of your home, and electric wires threatening the risk of FIRES. Rodents are the main cause of up to 25% of house fires in the U.S! We’ll find entry points, seal up Your home, and keep Rodents out!

ROOF RATS Infestations

Rodents defecate and urinate everywhere they go. Rats use their nose and follow the scent of other rats making a small problem much BIGGER. Rats and Mice enter homes (often in attics) for shelter.

Rats can climb up SOME stucco walls, fences, and can even walk on wires or branches to get access into homes. They can get through: very small holes, open doors, areas by loose fitted pipes, gaps in roof construction, & vents without a screen.

Rodent Control Steps

Exclusion. (Rats can get through holes as small as the size of a nickle. We seal all rodent entry points. Roof Rats OFTEN get inside access through small holes in walls, eaves and roof construction.

Remove rodents with TRAPPING. (Trap NOT bait inside; A dead rodent is very STINKY, and difficult to LOCATE!)

EXTERIOR baiting, or TRAPPING controls rodent population outside and prevents future infestations.

Rat Exclusions GUARANTEED for 1 year!

Prevent Rodent Infestations:

  • Professionally Rodent Seal your home! (Rats enter through holes a half inch and bigger, usually homeowners aren’t even aware of these holes around their home.)
  • Rat Traps professional trapping (or baiting) keeps rodent populations down around the exterior of your home! This makes rodent infestations less likely.
  • Trim bushes or trees that CONTACT the house!
  • Clean up ALL the citrus FRUIT and other food sources!
  • Don’t leave PET FOOD out over night! Rodents LOVE to eat pet food!
  • Remove attractive habitats like: wood piles, old vehicles or parts, or piled up debris.
  • BBQ? Rats and mice LOVE BBQ too… CLEAN them up after each use!

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