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Roach Pest Control


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Pest Control for Roaches in Palm Desert, and surrounding areas, is a 3 step process including:

Inspection and Identification

The initial inspection is the most critical start for EFFECTIVE control of roaches. Although most roaches in the Palm Desert area come from the OUTSIDE, we also have German Roaches which require more frequent and specialized pest control efforts. Correct identification determines which treatment is needed.

Structural Repair and Sanitation.

Broken tiles, unused or unclean equipment, unused drain traps, missing door sweeps, and other  structural issues can increase cockroach activity inside a home or business. Fixing or replacing broken or old materials ELIMINATES harboring areas that cockroaches hide in.

Good sanitation is a requirement for effective and ongoing control of roaches. When there are multiple choices for food sources, roaches are unlikely to take the BAIT. And when sanitation is insufficient harboring areas protect roaches from contact with pesticides.

Insecticide and Genetic Control Measures.

After determining the species of Roaches causing problems, and fixing any structural problems, correct pest control product treatments are very effective in controlling roaches. Some species need regular pest control for ongoing Control while others need only a few treatments.

Most roaches in Palm Desert and the high desert are American and Oriental Roaches.

Cockroaches live outdoors in our desert communities, and get INSIDE homes through open doors or windows, around old weatherstripping, through unscreened vents, and unused drains. As cockroaches become established, infestations EXPLODE – Roaches reproduce THOUSANDS offspring in only 1 year! 

The MOST common pest to INFEST homes and buildings are COCKROACHES! These dirty little pests transmit GERMS that cause:

  • Food poisoning.
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cholera
  • Leprosy
  • Typhoid
  • Plus over 40 other disease causing BACTERIA and VIRUSES!


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