Palm Desert Roach Pest Control

Have NO Roach Fear… Sunny & Son’s Pest Control is Here!

guarantee badgeRoach pest control products are placed STRATEGICALLY in areas where ROACHES come into contact with it… Not your family!

Sunny and Sons Pest Control doesn’t manage roach problems… We ELIMINATE them. Providing GUARANTEED Palm Desert roach control! Successful roach exterminators use baits with IRRESISTIBLE taste to control and PREVENT Roaches like a PRO! A PROVEN solution to controlling German Roach and desert cockroach infestations.

Roaches LOVE it to DEATH

Palm Desert has a couple species of roaches. American, Oriental, Turkestan, and German Cockroaches.

American, Oriental and Turkestan Roaches can all be controlled with a regular pest control services that target desert roaches. These roaches live outside, and frequent community sewers, but they can INFEST inside homes with the right moisture and food sources.

German Roaches are another story all together! German Roaches only infest inside homes and buildings.. They do not live outside. German Roaches are the MOTHER of all roach infestations because they reproduce SOOOO much quicker!

Prepare for Successful Roach Control

Our goal is to ELIMINATE all roaches, and PREVENT future infestations. To do that requires your help.

  • Ants-team-workCockroaches will LOVE our products, but if they have too many FOOD sources they are hard to control. Sanitation is KEY to success!
  • Clean up crumbs, spills, cooking equipment, and organic materials around your kitchen, home and yard. Keep foods (even pet food)  in sealed containers… NEVER store any food on the floor!
  • Mop, scrub, and vacuum surfaces regularly so NO food residue is left for roaches.
  • Make needed repairs: Broken tiles, equipment, and cupboards provide HARBORING areas that roaches can infest. Making needed repairs eliminates harboring for  faster control.


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