German Cockroach Control

Sunny & Son’s specializes in German Cockroach Pest Control. German Cockroaches are COMMON pests in restaurants, stores, hospitals, & homes. German Roaches reproduce SO much FASTER than other roach species so they need to be treated more frequently with specialized products. Without these specialized products, German Roach infestations completely EXPLODE!

German Cockroaches are frequently found in garbage cans, sewers, kitchen and bathroom drains, and any dark damp place.  Unfortunately, German Roaches seek the warmth, moisture and food sources found in most KITCHENS and bathrooms. German Roaches transmit bacteria from dirty places to EVERY nook and cranny they touch.  Infested homes are exposed to a variety of  disease causing bacteria, ALLERGIC reactions, and ASTHMA.

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  • German Roaches reproduce FAST so they need a more FREQUENT / INTENSE treatment for Control.
  • Specialized professional products are required, including an Insect growth regulators are required. (Roach Birth Control)
  • SANITATION to eliminate food sources is REQUIRED… Baits don’t work if roaches are eating other foods.

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