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Pest Control for Black Widow in Palm Desert and surrounding areas.

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Black Widow Spiders are a VERY common problem in our area. Where ever you’re located in the Coachella Valley, chances are You’ll find a Black Widow lurking somewhere!


Things you can do, with your Pest Control Service to help prevent Black Widows at home:

  • Remove debris ~ They provide spiders a good area to build webs.
  • Eliminate all boxes and papers in & out of your home, garage, and storage areas.
  • USE Pest Control service to treat Black Widows AND the pests they FEED on. ***Black Widows LOVE crickets***
  • CHANGE exterior lights to less BUG attractive Yellow Light Bulbs!
  • Regular light bulbs attract bugs like CRICKETS and roaches, this FOOD Source attracts Black Widows!

Delivering GUARANTEED Control of Black Widows in Coachella Valley & High Desert.


Black Widow Spiders


Dangerous Black Widows are black, GLOSSY spiders WITHOUT hair, and have a bright reddish hourglass mark on their under bellies.



Females get up to 1 and 1/2 inches long when legs are extended.  Male spiders also have the red marks on bellies, but they’re light tan, and a much SMALLER size. Black Widow spiders spread right after hatching! Just hatched Black Widows climb to highest spot possible, and find a breeze. Hatchlings spin web like a balloon, and float out in the breeze to find a new home.

Signs & Symptoms of Black Widow Bite

If you think a Black Widow bit you, call your Doctor! When possible bring the spider for identification.  Black Widow bites aren’t usually deadly when treated.  Pain caused by a Black Widow bite is almost immediate, but the actual BITE isn’t what hurts, in fact you may not even notice it!  Pain reaches max one – three hours after bite, and can last twelve to forty-eight hours.

Evidence of a Black Widow Bite:

  • Local SWELLING
  • TWO very SMALL RED SPOTS (Where FANGS pierced skin.)

Major Symptoms of Black Widow Bite:

  • High body temperature
  • High blood pressure
  • Excessive sweating
  • Nausea

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