Bedbug Control

bug-transDon’t let the Bed Bugs bite!

High & Low Desert Bedbug Control

No one tells you they’ve had them, but Bedbugs in the High and Low Desert are a common problem! Having a bedbug infestation doesn’t have anything to do with cleanliness, because you can pick them up ANYWHERE! Bedbugs are professional HITCHHIKERS, & spread almost as easy as the common cold. Live Bedbug FREE with Sunny & Son’s Pest Control GUARANTEED!

Bedbugs in the Desert

Bedbug infestations in the High and Low deserts are becoming more common problem. Once introduced home, bedbugs spread FAST. They hide in cracks and crevices during the day time, and then bedbugs come out and FEED while you’re sleeping! (If you slumber during the day… Bedbugs will adjust their schedule to Yours!) People usually get red marks where bedbugs have bitten, and others have no sign at all because they do not react to bedbug bites.

Bedbug infestations can cause to anemia in those they feed on. Bedbug BITES can get secondary INFECTION from scratching! Bedbug infestations also cause emotional STRESS! If you think you have a Bedbug problem, CALL TODAY for professional inspection and treatment!

Bedbug Control Process

  1. Homeowner de-clutter & FULL house clean up.
  2. Professional Full Home Clean-Out Treatment
  3. Two Professional FOLLOW – UP Treatments
  4. Professional Monthly Pest Control Service (optional)

Our Commitment

Sunny & Son’s is devoted to furnishing EFFECTIVE Bedbug Control services. We work to provide the highest QUALITY services by: using PROVEN professional products, RELIABLE treatment techniques, and continued EDUCATION.

How Do You Get Bedbugs?

You can pick Bedbugs up ANYWHERE!

  • Lodging facilities Hotels and Motels
  • ALL Public Transportation
  • Thrift stores, and garage sales. (Items MUST be laundered on HIGH HEAT before placed in home.)
  • You’re Visitors may carry bedbugs into your home on clothing or luggage.

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